Mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies

Whether you need a contract manufacturer because you have exceeded your in-house capacity, require value-added services, or your strategic plans call for outsourcing - Tech Group can help you!

Customer needs in focus we are dedicated to provide our customers best possible service. In contract manufacturing we take care and are responsible for the whole process - sourcing of the components and materials, production and assembly of the products. Also testing, packing and organizing the logistics  are parts of our everyday operations.

Important values for us as a contract manufacturer are reliability and flexibility. We listen to our customers and as their needs change we are flexible enough to adapt to these changing situations. By choosing Tech Group as your contract manufacturing partner we can reduce your cost, deliver quality product, and meet your production ramp requirements. We are proudly contract manufacturing partners for many leading OEMs in telecom, elecronics and for other industrial machinery companies.