The high cost of labor and increasing safety regulations concerning manual handling makes a strong case for automated end-of-line palletizing.

Automated palletizing systems provide reliable, around the clock performance, and may be designed to handle individual cartons or full pallet layers of goods in higher throughput applications.

Depending on application we have experience with both robots and gantry palletizers.

Different options include:

  • Palletizing manipulators: Robots, motor driven manipulators
  • Grippers: Vacuum, clamp, jaw 
  • Pallet feeder: Automatic in-line feeders
  • Pallet magazine for robot pick-up
  • Slip-sheet magazine for robot pick-up
  • Stretch wrappers: Automatic, inline, top sheet insertion, corner insertion
  • Product verification: Barcode readers, weighting modules
  • Product conveyors: Roller, belt, plastic chain, hygienic design, orienting, grouping
  • Pallet conveyors: Roller, chain, pallet locators, grossings
  • Lifts for products or full pallets
  • Marking: Print/apply labelling systems, inkjet or lasermarking
  • Carton formers: Automatic or semi-automatic
  • Carton closer: Top and bottom tapers