Assembly Automation

Our manual, semi and fully automated assembly systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and master the challenges presented by your products and production volumes. Our product range starts from simple manual assembly tools and workstations and reaches up to automated assembly lines and covers everything in between.

Manual assembly

  • Workstations
    • Workplaces
    • Flow racks
    • Conveyors
  • Fixtures and Jigs
    • Pressing
    • Soldering
    • Inspection
    • Screw insertion
    • Labeling

Inline or offline assembly cells

  • Manual, Semi-Automatic or fully Automatic assembly cells

Modules for various assembly steps

  • Component feeders: Bowl, magazine, cassete
  • Manipulators: Pneumatical, servo, robots
  • Conveyors: Pallet, roller, belt, chain, plastic chain
  • Product specific parts: Fixtures, pallets, jigs
  • Product specific grippers: Pneumatic, vacuum, electrical
  • Inspection and measuring: Sensors, cameras, probes
  • Testing: Electrical, functional
  • Marking: Labeling, lasermarking, ink-jet marking
  • Screw insertion: Automatic screw feeding, automatic screw insertion
  • Packaging: Carton forming, palletizing
  • ESD safe design and materials