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We have a vision. To achieve that we brought together the finest talent to make our solutions happen. We’re only human, not machines, but we do love to make them (machines that is).

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Sales and Project Managers
Märt Lepik | Business Development Manager

Märt Lepik

Business Development Manager
Märt has experience in building start-ups, overseeing complex IT projects and developing business relations with various technology companies. He is combining all that to find ways how technology companies could benefit from Tech Group’s Machine Building services.
+372 55619442
Sven Siimar, Sales Manager

Sven Siimar

Sales Manager
Sven joined Tech Group in 2008 to lead the design and engineering team. Before joining the team, he already had vast experience in leading various design and engineering teams. At the moment, he is driving the Factory Automation sales to utilize this experience already in the sales and consultation phase.
+372 5011492
Kristo Kilk, Factory Automation Sales

Kristo Kilk

Kristo is a true professional who likes to dig deeper and understand the real needs of the customers and provide the exact fit for their automation questions. Contact Kristo for your Factory Automation needs.
+372 5244378
Egon Hiietam, Key Account Manager

Egon Hiietam

Key Account Manager
Egon has held various management positions in different automation companies prior to Tech Group and is now driven to combine this know-how to benefit our Machine Building customers.
+372 51905036
Aleksandr Šubin, Project Manager

Aleksandr Šubin

Project Manager
Aleks joined Tech Group in 2012 and has overseen all kinds of projects during these years. The variety and ever-developing complexity of machines and solutions delivered is the main driver behind his motivation to provide exceptional products and service to customers.
+372 5383066
Janis Ribenis, Project Manager

Janis Ribenis

Project Manager
Before Tech Group Janis has held various engineering positions and ran a small manufacturing company, so he knows well different aspects of a project. This experience gives vast knowledge to deliver factory automation projects on time and hassle-free.
+372 53928611
Marko Mets

Marko Mets

Key Account Manager
Marko brings his experience in managing accounts of truly global players in the mechanical engineering industry and is driven to provide Tech Group customers exceptional experiences and services.
+372 5336 4221
Martin Sutrop, CEO

Martin Sutrop

Martin is Tech Group's CEO, leading the company by delivering exceptional service and experiences for both employees and customers.
+372 5547426
Jaanus Paltser, Production Manager

Jaanus Paltser

Production Manager
Jaanus joined Tech Group already in 2006 and has held different positions during the years. At the moment he is responsible for all the clever machines to be delivered from our factory floor on time while also serving as a board member.
+372 5134328
Sten Krüüner | Engineering Manager

Sten Krüüner

Engineering Manager
Sten has held various engineering and team lead roles before joining Tech Group and now leads Tech Group’s engineering team in creating exceptional solutions for our clever machines.
+372 5297 646
Ivar Kukk, Purchasing manager

Ivar Kukk

Purchasing Manager
Ivar and his team can find a manufacturer or source any component. He has a solid understanding of everything that can be mechanically built due to his background at various mechanical machining companies.
+372 58843966
Mari-Elts Vesiallik

Mari-Elts Vesiallik

Quality Manager
Mari-Elts is responsible for delivering exceptional products and services by continuously improving all the processes to achieve quality and operational efficiency.
+372 53403413
Lilia Zuravljova, Human Resource Manager

Lilia Žuravljova

Lilia is the people person in Tech Group. She is responsible for overseeing all the HR operations.
+372 55993302

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