Critical attribute testing during manual or automated processing is essential to any manufacturing success. Tech Group has developed many testing solutions both standard and custom-made for mainly electronics and mechanical industry. Our modular designs give the advantage to offer short lead-time, cost efficient solutions according to your exact needs.

Types of test solutions:

  • Offline / Inline
  • Manually operated / Automatic
  • Functional / Board level

Modules for various testing tasks

  • Enclosures: Regular, RF-shielded
  • Component presence: Sensors, cameras or probes
  • Assembly quality: Sensors, cameras or probes
  • Pushbutton functionality: Controlled pushing force, pushing by cylinder or robot
  • Rotary switches functionality: Turning by cylinder or stepper motor
  • LED functionality: Sensors or cameras
  • Camera checking: Verification of color, shape, dimensions
  • Probe test: Floating mounting system for probes
  • Color verification: Sensors or cameras
  • Label quality check: Print verification by code reader or cameras
  • Product specific pallets and jigs