Custom machine building – what does it take to build one?

27 October 2020
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Custom machine building - what does it take to build one?

For more than 16 years, Tech Group, as a custom machine builder, has produced custom machine building projects to businesses in various industries. 

Our machine-building capabilities range from focusing on building the full solution, to the initial prototype, then the first batch and later assembly and installation.

Businesses that seek specially designed machinery that’s manufactured for them alone benefit from improved productivity and increased revenue.

However, what does it take to get started?

Post summary:

  • What is machine building?
  • Why the need for custom-built products
  • Machine building project examples
  • Comparing machine-building companies



What is machine building?

Machine building is the design and production of machines to serve a customer purpose, usually creating a product, or a device upgrade, typically within the heavy industry and manufacturing sectors. 

Custom machine design is one solution to making new machine parts for manufacturing customers who are selling their products.

This can be for several reasons, including that off-the-shelf solutions do not work for them, and it is cheaper to build and upgrade.

Custom is the operative work here – a machine that is entirely customised to a company’s product needs and then duplicated 1,000+ times.


Why bring in a custom machine building company? 

Traditionally, a manufacturer needs one of the following:

  • Produce a new product. 
  • Increase production output.
  • Decrease downtime. 
  • Make a safer workplace (machines to replace humans). 
  • Increase the machine’s accuracy. 
  • Make upgrades or variations to existing product lines.


If the current or nonexistent machinery doesn’t have the functionality needed or is not optimised for this new operational capacity, then a custom machine build may be necessary.

Usually, the process for acquiring a custom machine build involves the customer approaching a machine design company, explaining their requirements, and receiving a cost proposal for the finished product. 

However, that traditional approach mixes several critical steps in a machine design-build project that tend to cost the client time and money unnecessarily.

For custom machine design and build projects, Tech Group’s approach for project implementation provides continued open dialogue between ourselves and our clients.

Our consultations include not only advice on making your vision happen, but the most cost-effective and productive way of implementation.


Examples of custom machine building projects

A few scenarios from Tech Group’s clientele where custom manufacturing machines were needed:

  • An electronic parts manufacturer is struggling to keep pace with the constant change in building newer components. Tech Group can engineer a new design with the latest technology and other state-of-the-art equipment to match the competition and increase output.
  • A producer of medical devices needs to design state-of-the-art equipment. Tech Group can assist the client in engineering and designing custom machines to manufacture high-precision parts adhering to stringent quality standards required in the medical sector.
  • A manufacturer of aeroplane components wishes to acquire a large tender to produce aircraft components. But, the bid requires following unique specifications to produce that part that is beyond the manufacturer’s current operational capabilities. Tech Group can work with them to develop the machines capable of serving this contract and produce a working prototype, that can be used as part of the government tender and land the bid. 
  • A food-packaging company that wishes to raise the standard in food packaging decides they need a custom built machine to meet stringent food and health safety measures. Tech Group can design a customised machine not only to handle this health and safety requirements but ensure that high-output is achieved.
  • A gas and oil energy company is looking to expand operations into the renewable energy sector. Tech Group designs innovative custom manufacturing machines that help the company enter this emerging market and gain a significant competitive edge.




What do machine-building companies provide?

Customers need expertise in engineering their final products – both engineering design and manufacturing. 

Machine building companies like Tech Group are the designers behind the blueprint for machines. Having the competencies to add extra value in both engineering and manufacturing. 

Furthermore, companies like Tech Group will sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Intellectual property always remains solely of the customer.

No matter the size of a project, machine builder companies should be able to handle the following:

  • Industrial hardware and software design
  • Creating and welding frames and bases. 
  • Machining of components. 
  • Procurement and component outsourcing.
  • Plating and anodising.
  • Painting and speciality finishing.
  • Complete electromechanical assembly.
  • Electrical control cabinet manufacturing & assembly.
  • Industrial robot programming.
  • Integration of hydraulic or pneumatic systems.
  • Cable harness manufacturing & assembly
  • PLC knowledge of larger component partners: Siemens, Beckhoff, Omron, Allen-Bradley and Mitsubishi.
  • Testing and quality assurance.
  • Final palleting/skidding, crating, shipping, installation and assembly.


Manufacturing businesses often need custom machinery unique to their processes. 

Machine building companies have machine designers and industrial engineers who learn about a company’s individual goals, so they build genuinely custom products.

The finished result is a highly durable machine that can handle new or existing product lines with lower operational costs yet higher quality output that amplifies a company’s operational capacity and performance. 

Custom machine builders pull together all the required skills, knowledge and experience. Plus, they should have access to a developed supply network where they can source both components and expertise for high mix, low volume target personas.


How does Tech Group differ from other machine-building companies?

You won’t find another custom machine shop that has the same combination of experience, knowledge and dedication to its customers whilst protecting their intellectual property like Tech Group.

Unlike other machine-building companies, Tech Group offers lifecycle services. This unique offering extends our relationship with our customers after we have created, assembled and installed machines.

Through our 16-plus years of service, we’ve worked on custom machine building projects and deliver stellar custom machine building design, manufacturing and lifecycle services. 

Tech Group’s aim has always remained the same: to provide exceptional client value from the following sectors:

  • electronics
  • telecommunications
  • photonics
  • industrial
  • medical & life sciences
  • energy
  • automotive suppliers
  • food & beverages


Tech Group has the technology to deliver custom or niche machines. Whether a prototype, individual components or full factory installation.

We collaborate with businesses near our headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, but also with leading enterprises worldwide. 

Our custom machine building is located at our facility. This caters for our expert engineers, machine designers and assembly machinists who know how to take your vision and make it a happen. 

Speak to our machine-building specialists if you want to learn more about how we customise machines for our customers.